"I would like Marathon Plumbing to know the crew that put my water lines and sewer lines, which was a very hard and big project, worked hard.  Very professional, answered all of my questions, plus Paul's questions.  They did an excellent job, plus the entire crew was excellent.  I have worked with contractors before.  This crew was polite, hard working, and cleaned up each time they worked in my basement. They also told us what was going on every step of the way.  Excellent job.  Thank you.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Orzechowski (Wausau, WI)

"Chris Freund fixed an old shower drain in my apartment building and replaced a leaking sewer drain in my mother's home.  He was quick to respond to my calls, thorough with the repairs, and didn't leave a mess.  The repairs were performed more than a year ago and there haven't been any reoccurring problems.  Rates are reasonable compared to any other licensed and insured plumbers in the area.  I would recommend Marathon Plumbing Service to anyone looking for full service plumbing services."   
Keith Paul (Marathon, WI)

"Thank you for the outstanding job! The job was hard and dirty, installing a new lift station in an existing floor. A new bathroom was also added. We would highly recommend Marathon Plumbing for all plumbing jobs!!" 
Patricia & Paul Rondeau (Mosinee, WI) 

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you guys for first of all getting most of the plumbing done so we could get into our house over the weekend but then for last night as well.  Losing water before I was going to leave for work was not the best feeling. We were very thankful for Andy staying late and for Neil swinging by to get things back on line for us, especially since it ended up being an electrical problem and they still took care of it. Thanks again. 
Kyle Carr (Marathon, WI)  

“Marathon Feed Inc. had been in business for over 30 years when a decision was made to build a retail store.  We needed a reliable and quality plumber to assist with our new construction.  Chris Freund, co-owner of Marathon Plumbing Serice, LLC was the answer.  Chris was helpful from start to finish.  We would highly recommend his friendly, flexible and knowledgeable plumbing  services.” 
Todd & Christine Heise  Marathon Feed (Marathon, WI) 

"For the last few years I was dealing with a broken sewer line, tree roots would creep into the crack and caused water to back-up in my basement.  The worst part was this broken line under my basement, about a foot and a half from the wall.  I was referred to Marathon Plumbing Service and was very pleased with the fast and great service they provided.  Within a few hours, which I thought would take days, they were able to get to the problem and repair it.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for plumbing service.  A very friendly and good company to work with."
Shirley Bargander (Wausau, WI)

"Your crew did an excellent job at our site! Pleasure to do business with your company."
Larry Kaszubowski (Stanley, WI)

“I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for your service in assisting me to have my mother's property winterized, as well as being of service as a Master Plumber to assist with the evaluation of the septic system and holding tank on the property.  After contacting another local plumber in the area with no response, I turned to the Master Plumbers list I received from the county and contacted you.  It seemed I fared very well with the business in Marathon City.  You assisted me with the winterization, etc., without ever meeting me. So I thank you for doing business for me, sight unseen.  It was much appreciated and relieved a great burden.  Thank you so very much for your integrity to service!” ​
Pamela Rugg
​POA Cecilia Schoenfuss (Edgar, WI)

We offer honest and reliable plumbing service, and we like to think we do it right!  But, don't just take our word for it . . . our customers give us rave reviews!​  Whether it's our quick, quality, friendly service or the honest and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us!

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​"Just wanted to say thank you for all your work on our project(s) and also to report that we love the new filter! We are drinking more tap than bottled water now. 🙂 Chris did a great job and Jason was very patient with all our changes. We are grateful they didn't give up on us!  Appreciate the service."

​Charlotte & Jesse Towle (Weston, WI) 

“We’ve worked with Chris for many years and always have found him to be not only great at what he does, but also very professional, honest and hardworking. We would highly recommend him for any plumbing needs.” 
Lori Stevenson Prime Design Construction, LLC  (Kronenwetter, WI) 

"Thanks for a job well done.  I like the way it turned out.  When it cemented around it, it looks great.  My wife thanks you for her shower back upstairs." 
Mike Hall (Marathon, WI) 

We heard about Marathon Plumbing from a friend at work.  We contacted Chris and was happy to hear Marathon Plumbing would help us with replacing our sewer tank.  They had everything lined up for us.  Chris said we would have a new tank by 11 a.m. and sure enough by 11:04 we did!  Chris and his crew were great to work with.  We highly recommend them to anyone.  Thank you to everyone invoved in our project. 
Kirk and Debby Cwikla (Medford, WI)

“Chris was awesome to work with.  We did a remodel in a short time frame and Chris was available in a very timely manner.  Was very quick to get the work done and did a very good job.  The end result was outstanding.  Would recommend Marathon Plumbing Service to anyone!” 
Brad & Jessi Utecht  (Marathon, WI)

"On July 28th after an evening of tearing apart plumbing under two sinks and using enough chemicals to kill off a small continent it was obvious, we had a plugged kitchen and bathroom sink that just would not clear. We called a company to “clear” the drains and in the process a pipe in between the walls which unknowingly was deteriorated broke through. In doing so, it released all the backed up chemicals and water in all the drains and piping from the floors above in between the walls of our recently remodeled and finished basement family room. As you can imagine, the tone of the situation went from we have a plugged pipe to water/chemicals running between our walls, ruining everything in its path and not knowing where to even begin to identify the location of the break. We got the water release under control and in an emotional panic, went on line and of course found a list to long to even comprehend for plumbing services offered in our area. Not familiar with any of them and my husband and I fearing the worst/not knowing who to call; we reached out to our son in law who works for a local contractor, Ross Construction, without hesitation they recommended Marathon Plumbing Services. We called and explained our situation to the receptionist Bev, who I am sure, could sense not only our emotion, but sense of urgency and vulnerability of not knowing what to do in such a situation. We cannot express the sense of calm Bev brought to our situation; she took control noting important details, sense of urgency and ensured us they would do what they could to assist. Within two hours we had received multiple communication updates as to getting a Journeyman freed up to assist us and low and behold McCoy came to our rescue. McCoy, a Journeyman with Marathon Plumbing Services arrived assessed the situation, and swiftly made the repairs and replaced the fractured pipe. This young gentleman has a work ethic that needs to be recognized, he was very knowledgeable, explained to my husband our options, once a decision was made he swiftly executed the repairs and in addition took the time to counsel us on what he recommended for work (on a non-emergency basis) to be done to ensure no additional emergency situations would arise in the future. The team at Marathon Plumbing Services took an extremely stressful and emotional situation, making it the best experience it could be under the circumstances. Their quick response time, professionalism, knowledge and courtesy during and after our repairs reflects what this company is –Top Notch! They have more than earned an A+ rating from our experience, and we without a doubt we will be using this company in the future as we update our home and will recommend them to anyone seeking plumbing services.Grateful to have you referred to us, Thank you once again for everything."
Bruce & Rose Krueger (Rib Mountain, WI)